Clean Up Day

It’s time for our annual spring cleaning and meet-the-earth ritual of pulling weeds, removing brush, throwing away trash, cleaning up indoors, and making our UU Fellowship building and grounds look smashing.

Please plan to come and work alongside your fellow UUs on Saturday, May 5 (this is a change from what some of you were told).  We’ll start around 9 AM and work until we’re all tired and hungry, which is usually around 1pm.  We have inside jobs (cleaning & organizing) and outside jobs, repairs and some simple improvements to do, and a great need for dirt-to-your-elbows weeding.  Please bring yourselves, rakes, shovels, a dandelion digger, pruning shears, gloves, a hat, and anything else you think might be needed.  This is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow UUs!  Please contact Tim Wagner if you’d like to add something to the job list.