CANCELLED: Puzzle Pal Dinner

WHAT:  A dinner and puzzle night for multigenerational teams.
WHO:  Children and Adults who sign up will be matched to form teams.


  1. Fill out a sign-up card introducing yourself, including a hint by which your partner will know you.  It could be something obvious like that you will be wearing a hat, or you will skip into the Fellowship when you arrive, or something that requires conversation like that you like turtles and have rescued snappers.
  2. Shortly after arriving, you will be given another person’s introduction and hint, and you will be tasked with finding your partner.
  3. Everyone will share their meal and get to know each other.

After dinner, each team will solve a series of puzzle challenges.  Everyone needs to complete their challenge so that all the attendees can open the treasure.  (Puzzles and challenges will be scaled to the age of the younger partner).