News from the Board – Monitoring for Accountability

Much of the Board’s work this year focuses on preparation for a new minister. For years we have struggled with how to clearly articulate the expectations of the congregation and how to hold ourselves and our minister accountable to them. In May the Board passed an update to the Board Policy Handbook Discernment section which deals with the Vision, Mission and current ministry goals. The update incorporated into the current ministry goals the Strategic Directions that emerged from our strategic planning process, see below. At our June meeting the Board adopted a timetable for monitoring progress on the ministry goals.

UUFOM ends for accountability process
UUFOM Mission [Ends] with Strategic Directions [Criteria for monitoring]
1. We empower members, friends, and the surrounding community to think freely, live ethically, and grow spiritually through lifelong learning, as we explore our values, live the principles of Unitarian Universalism, and search for truth and meaning.

2. We assemble in supportive and beloved community, sharing life’s joys and sorrows, and embracing all of our wondrous diversity.

3. We gather for stimulating worship experiences and rites of passage that inspire and provide opportunities to examine, clarify, and strengthen our personal value systems.

Personal Connection and Development (from Strategic Directions adopted 10-30-2016)
(Applicable to Ends 1, 2, 3):
As Unitarian Universalists we believe each person has inherent worth and dignity. We are called to honor each person’s unique gifts and talents. Each person comes to our Fellowship looking for something. We provide a loving environment in order to effectively respond to their search. The Fellowship will provide a staff supported
intentional framework for a systematic and individualized process of connection
and engagement. This includes connecting around common interests, pastoral care for our members, social networking and deepening relationships, opportunities for personal growth, and opportunities for deepening spirituality.
Pathways for addressing Personal Connection and Development:
Welcoming Practices
Faith Formation
Connecting and Valuing People and Their Gifts

4. We create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world through our words of influence, constructive deeds, and engaging love.

Living Our Values (Service and Advocacy) from Strategic Directions adopted 10-30-2016
(Applicable to End 4): As a Fellowship, and as individuals, when we are filled with
love, that love overflows in service to building a better world today and for the future.
We offer our members opportunities to enrich their lives through service and advocacy in targeted issue areas important to our Fellowship because they respond to the needs of our community and fulfill our commitment to the Unitarian Universalist Principles.
Pathways for addressing Living our Values:
Protecting our Environment
LGBT rights
Racial Justice