Parking Lot Renovations

At long last, excavation work for the parking lot project has begun! The project will extend through early October, after which we should have a smooth paved surface with fresh yellow lining, plus a total of six handicap spaces.

While the project is underway, we ask that everyone obey all signs and safety barricades, and beware of trucks and heavy equipment. Make sure to especially monitor any children who may visit the area.

The project work will occur only on weekdays. We may end up parking on a gravel lot for several Sundays, but the work activity shouldn’t require cancellation of any church business.

Here’s what to expect:

  • In mid-August two new rainwater catch basins will be installed in front of the Fellowship, with a 6-foot deep ditch dug to install a pipe connecting them.  This phase will require blocking off much of the area in front of the Fellowship building.
  • Additional activity will occur sometime in August or September, when a paver crew becomes available to grind the old asphalt layer on the entire parking lot.
  • Final paving will be done over three days in late September or early October. During these weekdays the entire parking lot will be closed, but the driveway will not be affected so we’ll ask patrons to park on the grass adjacent to it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tim Wagner or Roy Wedge.