Children’s Religious Education

We are currently in our first block, “Starting the Journey,” and in mid-October we will begin “Community Values.”  We now have two Children’s Circles: a Junior class for pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grades and a Senior class for 3rd through 5th grades.  Our Secondary class spans 6th through 10th grades.

Junior Children’s Circle is using lessons from the Tapestry of Faith program Wonderful Welcome for most of September and October:

9/30 The Gift of Forgiveness (Starting the Journey)
10/7 The Gift of Kindness (Starting the Journey)
10/14 The Gift of Friends (Community Values)
10/21 The Gift of Love (Community Values)
10/28 Multigenerational Service

Senior Children’s Circle is using lessons mostly from the Tapestry of Faith program Love Connects Us for September and October:

9/30 Welcoming Superman (Starting the Journey)
10/7 Kindness is the Key (Starting the Journey)
10/14 Get together more (Community Values)
10/21 Love is the Spirit of this Church (Community Values)
10/28 Multigenerational Service

Secondary Lodestone Class (6th -10th) is using Lodestone lessons on Money.  They will be looking at how we manage our money and the value we place on things based on how we earn and use it.