2018 Unsung Hero

This year’s unsung hero has gone above and beyond many times in the last few years.  This person jumped into committee work very soon after becoming a member. And soon after that accepted the chair responsibility for a committee that includes several hard workers but seldom, maybe never, meets. This person herded those cats very graciously and together they have spent many hours improve things around the Fellowship.  Meanwhile, our Unsung Hero equally graciously, fielded complaints about what was still undone or maybe was not done exactly the way someone wished.   When this person took that position, they probably couldn’t imagine they would be chair for 6 years and that their term would culminate in a  HUGE project.  This project started in 2016 when it was approved by the congregation.  The project involved research and design, organizing and conducting a capitol campaign to raise money for the project, navigating city bureaucracy, and persevering through seemingly insurmountable road blocks. This year our unsung hero is no longer committee chair. He has been serving on the search committee while continuing to lead the parking lot project including tearing out trees and other landscaping tasks to be ready for the drainage excavators.

Tim Wagner is our 2018 Unsung Hero.  We would like to thank Tim for his energy and perseverance through the many difficulties along the way to a parking lot that will not send our members to the hospital in the winter and for his unfailing grace under pressure.