UUFoM Adopts a Road

On April 13, a cool, sunny Saturday morning, 15 intrepid UUs put in almost three hours of trash-picking on our newly adopted section of Eastman Road, including all of the Midland City Forest frontage, from Monroe Road to the North Entrance of┬áthe Fairgrounds. We picked up 32 bags of trash, including lots of plastic bags, some of which we filled with trash because we ran out of the bags the city provided–it was a mess! Someday, soon I assume, we’ll get credit with a couple of signs on that stretch of road. As road adopters, we’re committed to this job twice a year, but, after our initial effort picking up years of accumulated litter, it will get easier. Our next outing will probably be in October, and we hope more of you can join us.

Jim Crissman, Living Our Values Team

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