Upcoming Sunday Services

December 17 – “Sacred Tree” Winter Pageant

Fellowship Children and Youth performing.  This year’s pageant theme is sacred trees, such as the Tree of Life, the Christmas Tree, Yule Log, and the Bodhi Tree.
Led by the Religious Education Team and the Youth Group

December 24 – “Stories of the Season”

Some unconventional stories for the winter holidays.

Rev. Connie Grant speaking

Children’s Circle – Project Box Pizzazz

Each child will have a project box for their work which may span multiple Sundays.  Children will put inside whatever project they are working on.  This may be a journal, art, a science exploration, a credo poem, etc.  We hope to provide the opportunity for members with special talents or skills to share with the children their art, skills, or other hobbies.

Christmas Eve Service (7pm) – “Each Night a Child is Born is a Holy Night”

Christmas Eve service with stories, carols, and candle lighting, celebrating the spirit and the potential born in every child.