Upcoming Sunday Services

April 8
“Faithful Doubt” “Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith,” according to Christian theologian Paul Tillich.  Can we Unitarian Universalists “cherish [our] doubts” (as UU minister Robert T. Weston put it) without making an idol of them?  Rev. Connie Grant speaking.

April 15
“Climate Change: Will There Be Enough Love?” We understand the science, but how will humanity respond to overwhelming stresses if we continue business as usual?  Jim Crissman speaking.  Jim is a scientist, a writer, leader of the Midland chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, and a long-time member of the congregation.

April 22
“Celebrating Earth Day” A musical celebration of Earth Day with the UUFOM choir, directed by Andrew Schulz.  A multigenerational service.

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