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Worship Service Development Workshop

Saturday, April 13, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

Do you have a sermon in you?  Would you like some help to get it out?

It’s been said that every person has at least one sermon in them!  Explore the possibilities of in this workshop sponsored by the Worship Team and led by Rev. Connie Grant.  We are hoping to spark some ideas and to offer some tools to help you develop your thoughts and experiences into a sermon proposal.  There are open slots in our worship schedule for June, July, and August, available for lay-led services.  You don’t have to commit to actually doing a service in order to attend the workshop!  Please contact Sarah Nuss-Warren at  or Rev. Connie Grant at with any questions.

Register here by April 10.

Lifespan Religious Education Team Meeting

April 11, 7:30pm in UL301 

The Lifespan Religious Education Team meets monthly to support and develop the religious education program at the Fellowship.  If you are interested in helping on the team or just interested in knowing more about what we do, feel free to attend our meeting and see what it is all about! Contact Heather Cleland-Host, for more information ahead of the meeting, especially if you are interested in joining the team.

Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to get involved in an outreach activity that can help you live your values? UUFoM is involved with Home to Stay (formerly Midland Area Homes), an organization that helps Midland County residents in need sustain stable housing through education, advocacy and support services, and promoting self-sufficiency.

Every few months, we do our part by volunteering to pick up furniture from the area that people (like you!) donate to the organization. The pickup is always on a Saturday morning, and we often go out to lunch as a group after the pickup. The only requirement is a moderately strong back. We do get some heavy items from time to time.

Our next pickup is on April 13th.

Future pickup dates are July 27 and Oct 26.

If you are interested in volunteering to be part of this important work, please contact Kevin King.

Pasty Sale

We need help in the kitchen on Friday, April 12 to prepare pasties for the Pasty Sale on Sunday, April 14.

Responsibilities include cutting vegetables, blending the filling mixture, making crust, assembling the pasties, timing the pasties in the ovens, wrapping finished pasties, doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen among other jobs.  Six or more per shift will work out well. You can sign up on the sheet at the Fellowship.

In the past, this fundraiser has been successful in part because the ingredients and supplies have been donated.  Please have all ingredients to the Fellowship kitchen by Sunday, April 7 with the exception of the ground beef and pork.  The ground meat (FRESH – NOT FROZEN) should be at the Fellowship in the refrigerator by Friday, April 12.  You can sign up on the sheet at the Fellowship.  Please fill in the date when you deliver items to the kitchen.

Click here to place your order or sign up in advance at the Fellowship to purchase Traditional (beef and pork mix) or Vegetarian (lentils with olive and sesame seed oil) Pasties for $5 each!

Winter Break Sundays – Call for Volunteers!

The Lifespan Religious Education Team is looking for volunteers to lead activities for children on December 23 and December 30.  Craft and activities will be provided and all children will be in the same room for fun activities after story time in the service.  Nursery care will also be provided. Contact Heather Cleland-Host if you will be here over the holidays and are available to help.

Youth Group Fundraiser: Saving Amazon Rain Forest

Bake sale and fun activities

December 16 after the service

The youth group invites you to celebrate after the winter pageant service.  The youth will be bringing food and activities for during the coffee hour, and they invite congregants to also bring holiday treats to share and take home.  Bring plates of snowflake cookies or elvish brownies or perhaps holiday bread.  (Plates should be disposable and covered with plastic as they will go home with others.  Ziplock bags of cookies or brownies also work).  The youth will be collecting donations toward helping protect the animals and ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest.

Youth Winter Pageant Rehearsals Begin!

Calling all children and volunteers! Time to sign up!

The Youth Group has chosen to tell the story of “A Single Shard” by Linda Sue Park for this year’s winter pageant.  “A Single Shard” is the story of a boy who wants to be a potter and who goes on a journey to deliver the vases of the master potter he serves to the king in order to win a royal commission to make vases for the king.  Children, youth, and volunteers are invited to sign up with Heather Cleland-Host,   The schedule for rehearsals and the service are as follows:

December 2     Holiday Stations (during Sunday Religious Education)                                  Pageant Rehearsal 12:00pm – 2:00pm
December 9     Pageant Rehearsal (during service)
Pageant Rehearsal 12:00pm – 2:00pm
December 16   PAGEANT DAY!  9:00am arrival

Empty Ink Cartridge Collection

The UUFOM can receive $1.00 each for recyclable empty ink cartridges. Not all cartridge types are eligible, but please bring to the Fellowship any empty cartridges you have and they will be turned in, with a credit then being issued to the UUFOM for eligible cartridges. Ineligible cartridges will be properly disposed of. This is an on-going collection effort that in the past was facilitated by RG Converse. Please bring in empty cartridges and deposit them in the labeled collection bin in the UUFoM Donation Center outside the sanctuary. If you are allowed to collect empty ink cartridges from your workplace this can greatly increase our return.