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December Parents’ Circle: Third Annual Parents’ Holiday Break

Saturday December 1, 2018 12 – 4 pm
Free Lunch & Childcare

Calling all parents and caregivers! We are once again holding a parents’ break on the first Saturday in December!  Come, get refreshed in preparation for the holidays (and maybe get some early shopping done)!  From 12 to 1 pm, parents (and caregivers) will enjoy a catered adult lunch together at the Fellowship (while kids eat separately)!  Afterwards, from 1 – 4 pm, you will have the option of free childcare on-site while you go shopping or go on siesta with your partner or a friend or maybe see a movie!  Three hours will be entirely yours!
Childcare will be provided at the fellowship and will include lunch and games.  We will have at least two adults supervising and plenty of teens assisting in making this as fun for the kids as for their parents.  Please sign up ASAP with Heather Cleland-Host or at the Fellowship, so we know how many providers to have on-site.

Children’s Circle and Secondary Classes for November

We are currently in our second block, which is themed around “Community Values.”  Children’s Circle is for our elementary school students – Pre-K to 5th grade.  We have one to two circles depending on the number of students on a particular Sunday.  Our Secondary class spans 6th through 10th grades.  Nursery care is also available for our littlest UUs.

Children’s Circle is using lessons from the Tapestry of Faith program Wonderful Welcome and Faithful Journeys as we go into November.

11/4     The Gift of Families (Family and Fairness)
11/11   The Gift of Mutual Caring (Helping one another and finding balance)
11/18    Multi-generational Service
11/25    Pizzazz!

Secondary Class (6th -10th) is continuing to use the Lodestone lessons on Money.  They will be looking at how we manage our money and the value we place on things based on how we earn and use it.

November’s UUnique Journey: Community Values

As we enter the holidays, we look at what we value most as a community as individuals.  At Halloween (Samhain) we remember our ancestors.  At Thanksgiving, we express gratitude for family, friends, and many blessings that we share.  During the winter holidays, we honor the sacred and set forth on new paths with new resolutions.

What is important to us as a community, as a religious family?

Needed: Volunteers Who Want To Have Fun!

Please sign up for one of the Autumn Blocks for Religious education NOW!

Autumn blocks are October 14 – November 18 Community Values and November 25 – December 23 Winter Pageant. The multigenerational service for the Winter Pageant block is the pageant itself and will involve all teachers continuing to assist.  We only have a few rehearsals, so everything is very streamlined for a lot of intense fun! Contact Heather Cleland-Host, Director of Religious Education, if you are interested in either block.

We are scheduling volunteers in a new way this year.  The religious education year has been divided into thematic blocks, and volunteers are asked to sign up for a block of Sundays, rather than Sundays scattered over the year.  This allows volunteers and students to really get to know each other and build community, as well as providing continuity with the curriculum for volunteers.  Each block will include five lesson-based Sundays where we need two volunteers (leader and assistant) for each class.  Check out the schedule and email or message Heather with the blocks you would like to volunteer for, or sign up on the religious education bulletin board near the stairway to the wing.

Children’s Religious Education

We are currently in our first block, “Starting the Journey,” and in mid-October we will begin “Community Values.”  We now have two Children’s Circles: a Junior class for pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grades and a Senior class for 3rd through 5th grades.  Our Secondary class spans 6th through 10th grades.

Junior Children’s Circle is using lessons from the Tapestry of Faith program Wonderful Welcome for most of September and October:

9/30 The Gift of Forgiveness (Starting the Journey)
10/7 The Gift of Kindness (Starting the Journey)
10/14 The Gift of Friends (Community Values)
10/21 The Gift of Love (Community Values)
10/28 Multigenerational Service

Senior Children’s Circle is using lessons mostly from the Tapestry of Faith program Love Connects Us for September and October:

9/30 Welcoming Superman (Starting the Journey)
10/7 Kindness is the Key (Starting the Journey)
10/14 Get together more (Community Values)
10/21 Love is the Spirit of this Church (Community Values)
10/28 Multigenerational Service

Secondary Lodestone Class (6th -10th) is using Lodestone lessons on Money.  They will be looking at how we manage our money and the value we place on things based on how we earn and use it.

2017-2018 Lifespan Religious Education Survey

The 2017-18 Religious Education Program year is now complete, and the Lifespan Religious Education Team is seeking feedback from those who participated in the program this past year (2017-18) as an adult volunteer or participant in adult or multigenerational programming, or as a parent of a child who participated in the children and youth program. We are also inviting teens to complete the survey if they wish. The team will use the responses to continue to improve the program. We need your responses by June 17 (Sunday).

The link to the evaluation can be found at

This evaluation is intended to look at the program as a whole (not any person in particular), and it will be conducted annually to assess the overall health of the program.

The evaluation takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, but if you are interrupted, you can return and complete the evaluation. TO DO SO, you need to click “SAVE” for the completed information to be saved, and then you can come back and finish the evaluation later, so long as it is done by the deadline (Sunday June 17). Names are encouraged, but optional. Please contact Heather Cleland-Host (Director of Religious Education), if there is more than one person in your household completing the evaluation (and only ONE computer, tablet, or comparable device) or if you cannot access SurveyMonkey and need a hard copy.

Your feedback is important to this effort and greatly appreciated!

Summer Sundays – AKA Summer Fun!

On June 17, the Religious Education Program move to the COOLEST place to be in the Fellowship: Lower Level Religious Education Wing

Extended Nursery care (through Kindergarten age) will be located downstairs in the Nursery Room LL101. Older children will be in the Youth Room LL104.

Summer Sundays is an informal multi-age volunteer program. Typically, two adult volunteers lead activities inside using our Summer Activity Box (labeled for the number of kids attending) or play on the playground. Occasionally, a volunteer leader teaches an improv class, or builds airplanes, or dances, depending on the leader’s passion. This is a great opportunity to explore fun themes with our young people!

Please contact Paula Bauer or Heather Cleland-Host, if you have questions or would like to volunteer!

Sign up to volunteer here!

Day Camp: Journey of Discovery

Where kids can be themselves!
Discovery Camp is back! This time with full days!

When: Monday – Thursday, June 25-28 from 9am to 4pm
Where: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland
Who: Children between the ages of 5 and 12. (Minimum twelve (12) campers)
Cost: $60 for three days (M-W) and $75 for four days (M-Th)
Extended care available until 5pm for $5/day.

Expenses are shared by the Fellowship and families. We have both volunteer and paid staff to keep costs low to each family. Discounts are available for families with multiple children. No child should be unable to participate due to finances. (Message Heather Cleland-Host for more information – this will be held in strict confidentiality).

THEME: We will be having four days of fun journeying from “port” to “port” on a grand adventure of self-discovery and community building, learning more about who we each are and what is important to ourselves and our community. We will start on the first day preparing for our journey and putting together our crew (team building). Subsequent days will be spent exploring various “ports” – like Port Legend or Port Courage. We will have fun activities like: building ships for our journey, creating traveling clothes (tie dye shirts), swabbing the decks (water fun), escaping from the Isle of Deception (Solving Puzzles), creative Expression through drama, drumming, & art, and plenty more!

NOTE: PLEASE REGISTER BY EMAILING DREHEATHER@UUFOM.ORG ASAP. We will not be holding the camp if we do not have at least 12 campers by June 4!

Discovery Camp Registration Form