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Ministerial Search Committee Update

This month, our team is working to finalize the documents we will be submitting to the UUA. Beginning in December, they will posted for review by ministerial candidates.

We want to thank you for helping us by taking part in the Beyond Categorical Thinking service and workshop and sharing your experience with those who were unable to be there.  Also, we thank you for sending us your photos for inclusion in our packet.

From Tom Bailey

RE-Flections: Just Another Annual Meeting?

This past Sunday, I attended yet another Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland.  Leading up to the meeting, I had many new members ask me what happens at an Annual Meeting.  I told them about how we select our Board members, vote for the Budget, and receive reports from our teams and volunteers.  We vote on By-Law changes.  The Annual Meeting is an important part of running the Fellowship, but it is mostly business.  Or is it?

On Sunday, I was reminded that our Annual Meetings are anything but “just business.” Sure – some years have been quick and concise.  We’ve gone in, heard the reports voted in the budget and officers and gone on our way, but more often, the Annual Meeting is where we gather and FEEL how we are as a community.  We celebrate the Unsung heroes amongst us, and we share things we struggle with as a community.  Each Annual Meeting has its own tenor and personality.  This year, I was reminded that always it is sacred space.

The meeting ran long and yet our chair, Sara Clavez, kept us on the task at hand.  She never wavered in moving us through the agenda, and yet she made certain each voice was heard.  As the voices were heard, a story unfolded.  It was a story of a community that values each other for all that we are.  Our number one community value is not just the democratic process – though we honored it.  It is not that we all agree on everything or that we all have to follow the same identical path – though we agreed on a way to unite together behind a cause.

Our number one community value that I saw celebrated on Sunday was and is our sacred commitment to each other.  We deeply value and cherish this community and one another.

Yours in UU,

Heather Cleland-Host

December Parents’ Circle: Third Annual Parents’ Holiday Break

Saturday December 1, 2018 12 – 4 pm
Free Lunch & Childcare

Calling all parents and caregivers! We are once again holding a parents’ break on the first Saturday in December!  Come, get refreshed in preparation for the holidays (and maybe get some early shopping done)!  From 12 to 1 pm, parents (and caregivers) will enjoy a catered adult lunch together at the Fellowship (while kids eat separately)!  Afterwards, from 1 – 4 pm, you will have the option of free childcare on-site while you go shopping or go on siesta with your partner or a friend or maybe see a movie!  Three hours will be entirely yours!
Childcare will be provided at the fellowship and will include lunch and games.  We will have at least two adults supervising and plenty of teens assisting in making this as fun for the kids as for their parents.  Please sign up ASAP with Heather Cleland-Host or at the Fellowship, so we know how many providers to have on-site.

Children’s Circle and Secondary Classes for November

We are currently in our second block, which is themed around “Community Values.”  Children’s Circle is for our elementary school students – Pre-K to 5th grade.  We have one to two circles depending on the number of students on a particular Sunday.  Our Secondary class spans 6th through 10th grades.  Nursery care is also available for our littlest UUs.

Children’s Circle is using lessons from the Tapestry of Faith program Wonderful Welcome and Faithful Journeys as we go into November.

11/4     The Gift of Families (Family and Fairness)
11/11   The Gift of Mutual Caring (Helping one another and finding balance)
11/18    Multi-generational Service
11/25    Pizzazz!

Secondary Class (6th -10th) is continuing to use the Lodestone lessons on Money.  They will be looking at how we manage our money and the value we place on things based on how we earn and use it.

UUFoM Endorses Prop 2

The following was approved by vote of the congregation at our Annual Meeting on October 28:

Statement of Advocacy – Proposal 2: Voters Not Politicians

Whereas Unitarian Universalist congregations covenant to affirm and promote use of the democratic process; and
Whereas the current system of drawing election district allows the majority party in the state legislature to manipulate district lines to unfairly advantage their party; and
Whereas several members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship are actively working on the campaign to pass Proposal 2: Voters Not Politicians;
Therefore, be it resolved that the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland endorses passage of Proposal 2 and will make this support publicly known.

This is the list we will be adding our UUFoM name to.

2018 Unsung Hero

This year’s unsung hero has gone above and beyond many times in the last few years.  This person jumped into committee work very soon after becoming a member. And soon after that accepted the chair responsibility for a committee that includes several hard workers but seldom, maybe never, meets. This person herded those cats very graciously and together they have spent many hours improve things around the Fellowship.  Meanwhile, our Unsung Hero equally graciously, fielded complaints about what was still undone or maybe was not done exactly the way someone wished.   When this person took that position, they probably couldn’t imagine they would be chair for 6 years and that their term would culminate in a  HUGE project.  This project started in 2016 when it was approved by the congregation.  The project involved research and design, organizing and conducting a capitol campaign to raise money for the project, navigating city bureaucracy, and persevering through seemingly insurmountable road blocks. This year our unsung hero is no longer committee chair. He has been serving on the search committee while continuing to lead the parking lot project including tearing out trees and other landscaping tasks to be ready for the drainage excavators.

Tim Wagner is our 2018 Unsung Hero.  We would like to thank Tim for his energy and perseverance through the many difficulties along the way to a parking lot that will not send our members to the hospital in the winter and for his unfailing grace under pressure.

2019 Pledge Final Update

Thank you to all who pledged and/or returned your pledge form!  Our goal was $170,000 and we reached $163,725, which I hear is the biggest amount ever.  To all those who helped make Pledge Campaign 2019 so successful, thank you so much.  To the few who still have not pledged, we will welcome your pledge and returned form as soon as possible so that it can be counted toward our Pledge Campaign 2019.  Judy Donahue, Co-Chair UUFoM Pledge Campaign 2019.