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2020 Stewardship Campaign Update

Stewardship month and Commitment Sunday are over, and they were amazing!  Thanks to everyone who contributed time, talents and pledges to make our stewardship campaign a success.  As of mid-week, more than 75% of our members and friends have returned pledge forms, with their combined pledges totaling $170,470.  This is a higher total than we’ve ever achieved before! Though still $7,200 (5%) short of our goal, it should allow us to do much of what we had hoped for next year. Next week, the UUFoM Finance Committee will meet to revise the 2020 budget proposal based on the latest pledge total.

If you have not yet responded with your pledge or membership affirmation, please click on this pledge form and complete the online form right away. If you cannot make a financial commitment for 2020, click “Other” under Form of Payment, and then mark the appropriate box to indicate whether or not you wish to continue as a member of UUFoM. Thank you for your strong support of and commitment to our Fellowship! 


Current Members
Chair: Kathy Kinkema
Hospitality Groups Coordinator: Christina VanPoucker
Leadership Development Coordinator: Sara Clavez
Members at large: Amy Rogers, Joanne Rummel, Estella Thomas, Maxine Guettler

The Engagement Team meets every second Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm.

The purpose of the Engagement Team is to develop a membership engagement path via hospitality groups, social activities, ministry team involvement, and leadership development. The aim is to strengthen the member connection to the Fellowship community.

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Kathy Kinkema.

Library News

The UUFoM Library is now located in its permanent home – UL301.  Enjoy reading a book in a comfy chair upstairs or bring a book home to read.  If books are your thing, our Library group is looking for some helpful volunteers.  Please contact Marsha McDonald if you are interested!

Considering membership?

If you appreciate or have enjoyed the fellowship’s offerings and are considering joining as a member, fantastic! We hope you are able to make connections in many ways, and we invite you to engage in this path to membership.

1) Attend!
The best place to start is by getting to know your fellow seekers on Sunday mornings, in small groups, or during social gatherings.

2) Explore!
Pamphlets can be found on the wall near the front entrance. Borrow a book from our library. Visit the UUA’s FAQs at Either way, get to know Unitarian Universalism!

3) Get Involved!
Be present in congregational life and participate as a volunteer where you receive fulfillment.

4) Question!
We are a faith about questions. Explore yours with our minister or your fellow travelers on the journey.

5) Learn!
Attend the “UUFoM & You” class!  

6) Join!
Sign a membership card with our minister, familiarize yourself with our by-laws, and fill out a Membership Form.

Keep in touch with us via our Facebook group.

Click here to register!

Crossing Paths

Secondary Class – Grades 6 and up

Our Crossing Paths program begins with Hinduism.  Each religion will begin with an introduction to the basic principles of the religion.

Map Sundays: October 6, 13 – Continue an exploring how the religion might connect to Unitarian Universalism and how it might differ.

Tack Sundays: October 13, 20 – Conclude with a visit to or from a local community or representative of that community.

Summit Sunday: October 27 (evening) – After the visit, the participants will reflect together on what they have learned.

Lake Sunday: TBA – These lessons may fall differently depending on the timing of the visit.  Most visits will not be during the services. This month we are in conversation with the Tri-City Hindu Temple in Saginaw.  More details will be available shortly.

Children’s Circles

Our Children’s Circles have been working together on a shared covenant and learning about Unitarian Universalism together.  This month they will separate into the Lower and Upper Elementary Children’s Circles.  The Lower Elementary Children’s Circle’s theme is “Valuing Each Other’s Voices.” They will be learning about how to listen and understand others’ experiences, forgiveness and valuing one another.  Upper Elementary will be learning about Hinduism and getting a taste of stories from that religious tradition.
October 6           
Lower Elementary (UL303): Love for All Creatures (Love Will Guide Us) – Story: The Cat  (a story of the Hindu god Ganesh learning to be kind to all creatures). 
Upper Elementary (UL302): Introduction to Hinduism – Shiva, Parvati and the elephant god Ganesh (This story introduces some of the gods in Hinduism and provides an origin story for Ganesh).
October 13         
Lower Elementary (UL303) In Another’s Shoes (Moral Tales) – Story: The Wounded Seal (A Scottish folktale of a seal hunter who learns empathy for seals and abandons hunting them.   
Upper Elementary (UL302) The Birth of the Ganges (This story provides an origin story that touches on Hindu stories of the foundation of the world and the beginning of India’s largest river, which is sacred in Hinduism and which millions of people depend on).
October 20         
Lower Elementary
(UL303) Forgiveness (Moral Tales) – Story: Mussa and Nagib (Brazillian story set in Persia about two best friends and how they forgive each other when hurting each other and treasure the moments where they help each other).
Upper Elementary (UL302): Rama, Sita and the 10,000 Monkeys (This story tells of a prince and princess (Rama and Sita) who are exiled into the forest and assisted by the Monkey King and eventually return to their kingdom).
October 27
Multi-generational service – no class.          

Commitment Sunday Potluck

A luncheon is planned for Sunday, September 29, in celebration of our commitment to the upcoming year.  The Engagement Team will be providing a main dish of pulled pork, while Estella Thomas will provide vegetarian stir fry.  Below are some of the items we would like to provide during our potluck. 

Please sign up here! 

Vegetarian Main Dish – Jackfruit

8 Salads – Coleslaw, Fruit Salad, Pasta Salad, Tossed Salad, Dairy-Free Salad, Gluten-Free Salad, Nut-Free Salad

10 Desserts – Cookies, Brownies, Dairy-Free Dessert, Gluten-Free Dessert, Nut-Free Dessert


2020 Stewardship campaign Update

Our Stewardship month is off to a great start! Stewardship conversations are underway, and we hope you’ll take advantage of one to learn more about UUFoM and share your thoughts. If you haven’t been approached for a conversation by this Sunday, please contact Janelle Dombek to request one.

At this point we’ve received pledge forms from just over 25% of our members and friends, with their combined pledges totaling $75,340 toward our target of $178,000. If you haven’t pledged yet, please do so soon.

Click here for the online form.

Also, consider contributing a dish (click here) or volunteering for our Commitment Sunday celebration (click here)  on September 29.  

Thank you for supporting our Fellowship!

Ministry Team Highlights

Welcome Team

Current Members

Chair: Catherine Young
Co-chair: Linda Rector
Members at large: Judy Donahue, Linda Bozzelli, Jean Sarantos, Michaele Malecki, Roxanne LaForest

The Welcome Team meets every quarter following Sunday service. The purpose of the Welcome Team is to welcome visitors to services, act as hosts during their visit and provide answers to any questions they may have. The team also elicits information from visitors, offering them the opportunity to receive further communications from the Fellowship. Volunteered visitor information is recorded in a log book.

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Catherine Young at

Pasty Sale!

We need help in the kitchen on Saturday, September 21, to prepare pasties for the Pasty Sale on Sunday, September 22

Responsibilities include cutting vegetables, blending the filling mixture, making crust, assembling the pasties, timing the pasties in the ovens, wrapping finished pasties, doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, among other jobs.  Six or more per shift will work out well. You can sign up here or on the sheet at the Fellowship.

In the past, this fundraiser has been successful in part because the ingredients and supplies have been donated.  Please have all ingredients to the Fellowship kitchen by Sunday, September 15, with the exception of the ground beef and pork.  The ground meat (FRESH – NOT FROZEN) should be in the Fellowship refrigerator by Saturday, September 21.  You can sign up here or on the sheet at the Fellowship.  Please fill in the date when you deliver items to the kitchen. 

Click here to place your order or sign up in advance at the Fellowship to purchase traditional (beef and pork mix) or vegetarian (lentils with olive and sesame seed oil) pasties for $5 each!