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Key Access

Re-keying the Fellowship has been scheduled for Monday, June 4.  

Our Sexton, Sandy Hay, will be available the following days/times to pick up new keys.  If you are unable to come during these times, please contact Sandy.

Tuesday, June 5 – 10am-12pm
Wednesday, June 6 – 10am-12pm, 6pm-7pm
Thursday, June 7 – 10am-12pm

2017-2018 Lifespan Religious Education Survey

The 2017-18 Religious Education Program year is now complete, and the Lifespan Religious Education Team is seeking feedback from those who participated in the program this past year (2017-18) as an adult volunteer or participant in adult or multigenerational programming, or as a parent of a child who participated in the children and youth program. We are also inviting teens to complete the survey if they wish. The team will use the responses to continue to improve the program. We need your responses by June 17 (Sunday).

The link to the evaluation can be found at

This evaluation is intended to look at the program as a whole (not any person in particular), and it will be conducted annually to assess the overall health of the program.

The evaluation takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, but if you are interrupted, you can return and complete the evaluation. TO DO SO, you need to click “SAVE” for the completed information to be saved, and then you can come back and finish the evaluation later, so long as it is done by the deadline (Sunday June 17). Names are encouraged, but optional. Please contact Heather Cleland-Host (Director of Religious Education), if there is more than one person in your household completing the evaluation (and only ONE computer, tablet, or comparable device) or if you cannot access SurveyMonkey and need a hard copy.

Your feedback is important to this effort and greatly appreciated!

Summer Sundays – AKA Summer Fun!

On June 17, the Religious Education Program move to the COOLEST place to be in the Fellowship: Lower Level Religious Education Wing

Extended Nursery care (through Kindergarten age) will be located downstairs in the Nursery Room LL101. Older children will be in the Youth Room LL104.

Summer Sundays is an informal multi-age volunteer program. Typically, two adult volunteers lead activities inside using our Summer Activity Box (labeled for the number of kids attending) or play on the playground. Occasionally, a volunteer leader teaches an improv class, or builds airplanes, or dances, depending on the leader’s passion. This is a great opportunity to explore fun themes with our young people!

Please contact Paula Bauer or Heather Cleland-Host, if you have questions or would like to volunteer!

Sign up to volunteer here!

Covenant Groups are Opening Soon!

Would you like to strengthen your connections with others at UUFOM and enhance your participation in the Fellowship, while deepening your own spiritual life? Join a Covenant Group!

Watch for group descriptions and meeting times, with information on how to register, beginning next week.  Four or five groups are planned to begin meeting in June or July.

A Covenant Group consists of up to ten people who gather around an interest, affinity, or activity to meet regularly over time for spiritual growth, community building, and congregational participation.  Group members practice deep listening as they share what’s going on in their lives, getting to know each other and themselves.  Group meetings follow a specified format, and each group is led by a trained facilitator who also participates in an ongoing facilitators’ group.  Each group establishes covenants including ground rules for the group’s relationship and interaction, commitment to welcome new members to the group, and service to the Fellowship and the community.

Day Camp: Journey of Discovery

Where kids can be themselves!
Discovery Camp is back! This time with full days!

When: Monday – Thursday, June 25-28 from 9am to 4pm
Where: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland
Who: Children between the ages of 5 and 12. (Minimum twelve (12) campers)
Cost: $60 for three days (M-W) and $75 for four days (M-Th)
Extended care available until 5pm for $5/day.

Expenses are shared by the Fellowship and families. We have both volunteer and paid staff to keep costs low to each family. Discounts are available for families with multiple children. No child should be unable to participate due to finances. (Message Heather Cleland-Host for more information – this will be held in strict confidentiality).

THEME: We will be having four days of fun journeying from “port” to “port” on a grand adventure of self-discovery and community building, learning more about who we each are and what is important to ourselves and our community. We will start on the first day preparing for our journey and putting together our crew (team building). Subsequent days will be spent exploring various “ports” – like Port Legend or Port Courage. We will have fun activities like: building ships for our journey, creating traveling clothes (tie dye shirts), swabbing the decks (water fun), escaping from the Isle of Deception (Solving Puzzles), creative Expression through drama, drumming, & art, and plenty more!

NOTE: PLEASE REGISTER BY EMAILING DREHEATHER@UUFOM.ORG ASAP. We will not be holding the camp if we do not have at least 12 campers by June 4!

Discovery Camp Registration Form

From the Board President

Wow and Double Wow!!
We are thrilled with the outcome of the Serendipity Auction!  Many thanks to committee members Janelle Dombek, Michaele Malecki, Vicki Rothhaar, Sarah Nuss-Warren, Kathy Kinkema, Jim Falendar and Judith Hill.  Your efforts produced an evening of fun, delicious food and record breaking income for the Fellowship (over $19,000!!!)  Plus contributions totaling $1,100 to Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  Well done Committee Members, all those who donated auction items, bid on auction items, and came to cheer them on.

Speaking of exciting fundraisers, the April pasty sale was also a record breaker.  258 pasties made in one day!  Thanks to Pete Carlson and the volunteers who came to work, and especially those who stayed longer than planned and those who came in a day early to help us beat the storm.

What an amazing community we are!

Board Proposes By-Laws Amendments
The board has completed a comprehensive review of the Fellowship By-laws. At the April 24 Board meeting the proposed amendments were approved for presentation to the congregation.  A discussion session is scheduled for after the service Sunday, May 6.  The amendments will be up for a vote at the Special Congregation meeting after the service on June 3.  Major areas addressed in the amendments are membership and the responsibilities of the minister.  More information is included in the every member notice of the meeting.  You can follow this link to see a copy of the proposal.

In other action, we discussed the importance of a strong stewardship campaign to support the 2019 budget as we move into the most intense phase of the search process and plans to relocate a new minister to Midland next year.  Kevin King volunteered to serve as Board liaison to the Stewardship Committee which is chaired by Judy Donahue.

Christina Van Poucker was approved as the UUFoM candidate to Midwest Leadership School and Sara Clavez and Heather Cleland-Host were approved as delegates to General Assembly.  If anyone else is planning to attend GA and might be available to serve as an alternate, please contact Sara Clavez.

Next Board Meeting
In preparation for the May 22 Board meeting, we are working on a proposal for accountability structures that will help us hold ourselves and our minister accountable to our goals and responsibilities. We will also be moving toward incorporating the strategic directions adopted by the congregation into the Board policy document.

Yours in Fellowship,

Sara Clavez, President
Sarah Schulz, President-Elect
Andi Salogar, Secretary
Vicki Rothhaar, Treasurer
Kevin King
Jill Haver-Crissman

Soup & Sources:  The Call of Nature (Sixth Source)

May 20 after the service
This will be our last Soup and Sources event of the year, so we are doing something a little special and holding it after the service.  We will have a soup contest, pizza, and fun activities exploring how we draw on different Sources including nature for our health and peace of mind.  As a special treat, we will be combining the regular CUUPS meeting with this event.  We will have a presentation by CUUPS members who will be sharing how Nature is a part of their spirituality.  Fun activities will follow for children and adults alike.  Contact Heather Cleland-Host for more information.

CANCELLED: Puzzle Pal Dinner

WHAT:  A dinner and puzzle night for multigenerational teams.
WHO:  Children and Adults who sign up will be matched to form teams.


  1. Fill out a sign-up card introducing yourself, including a hint by which your partner will know you.  It could be something obvious like that you will be wearing a hat, or you will skip into the Fellowship when you arrive, or something that requires conversation like that you like turtles and have rescued snappers.
  2. Shortly after arriving, you will be given another person’s introduction and hint, and you will be tasked with finding your partner.
  3. Everyone will share their meal and get to know each other.

After dinner, each team will solve a series of puzzle challenges.  Everyone needs to complete their challenge so that all the attendees can open the treasure.  (Puzzles and challenges will be scaled to the age of the younger partner).

2018-2019 Religious Education Program

“Seeking Meaning – the Journey”

The Lifespan Religious Education Team is happy to offer preliminary information about our religious education program for next year.  After focusing on how we covenant to be with each other through the Seven Principles, and then on the Sources we draw on for inspiration and courage, we are turning toward the individual and community journey toward articulating our own faith: who am I? who are we? how do we connect to each other and the world? We will explore ways to create our own “credo” or statement of belief, and the ways that we as a congregation journey together and support each other in our paths.

For the Children’s Circle, we plan to use curricula with a focus on journeying or welcoming and with a focus on the formation of a loving, supportive community.  For the Middle School, we will be using the Lodestone program, which explores big questions such as life and death, Unitarian Universalist values, ethical money usage, and racial justice. We will also be creating a Coming of Age program for interested older middle schoolers.  Rev. Connie will be leading a Credo-building workshop for adults and older teens.

Over the next month, we will be sharing more with you and inviting you to share your ideas for this program. Looking forward to many wonderful conversations!