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UUFoM and You

Considering Membership?

How do people of diverse beliefs become part of one congregation?  “UUFOM and You,” led by Rev. Connie Grant, Linda Rector, Judy Donahue, and Sara Clavez, will be held on Saturday, April 28, 9AM – 12PM (note date change.)

If you think you may have found a spiritual home at UUFOM and are ready to consider becoming a member, or if you are already a member and want to know more, please come!   Register here or contact Rev. Connie Grant at

Food Art Gallery

April 1, 2018 – After the Service


The UUFoM Youth Group will host a Food Art Gallery after the service on April 1.  EVERYONE is invited to make an edible food sculpture for the Gallery.  The congregants will be able to buy tickets to vote for the pieces.  The piece of art which receives the most votes will win!  Sculptures will also be auctioned (silently) for congregational consumption.  There will be additional items for fun purchase and take home.  All funds raised will go to the Humane Society of Midland which runs the Midland Animal Shelter.

2018 Serendipity Auction Ideas

Serendipity Auction

Garden party Child care
Afternoon tea Pet-sitting
Brunch Computer assistance/support
Theme dinner Workout buddy
Movie & discussion Weight-training plan
Movie & singalong Snow shoveling
Game-playing evening Yard work
Beer-tasting or wine-tasting evening Fly-fishing class
Scientific conversation over dinner Fly-tying class
Travelogue and dinner Cooking/baking lesson
Vacation cottage Craft lesson
Tickets to an event Canning lesson
NCG movie basket Woodworking lesson
Gift basket/item from local merchant Nutrition class
Massage gift certificate Fitness class
Yoga certificate Farm produce
Perennials Baked goods that evening
Golf pass/green fees Baked goods during the year
Firewood Canned goods
Soup of the month Homemade meal

Introducing: Hospitality Teams

Do you love coffee with your snacks after the service on Sunday mornings?
And what about those snacks – what’s your favorite?
How does one get chosen to usher each week?
And where do those greeters come from?

The Engagement Team is leading a new initiative in which everyone has a turn participating in our community of friendship and love.  Starting in January, making coffee, organizing snacks, ushering and greeting will be done by Hospitality Teams made up UUFoM members. Both old and new hands will join together wearing different hats.  Each month, one of six teams will take their turn caring for our community in (all of) these areas.

In addition to having an opportunity to build relationships with different people, it will give each of us a chance to be front line ambassadors and/or behind-the-scenes elves.

Pasty Making!

We need help in the kitchen on Friday, November 10th and Saturday, November 11th to prepare pasties for the Pasty Sale.  Responsibilities include cutting vegetables, blending the filling mixture, making crust, assembling the pasties, timing the pasties in the ovens, wrapping finished pasties, doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen among other jobs.  Six or more per shift will work out well.  Sign up by clicking here, sending an email to or signup on the sheet at the Fellowship.

In the past, this fundraiser has been successful in part because the ingredients and supplies have been donated. In anticipation of making and selling 260 pasties, we will need the following:

  • 20 lb all purpose flour
  • 20 lb all purpose flour
  • 20 lb all purpose flour
  • 6 lb ground pork
  • 6 lb ground pork
  • 2-3 cans Shortening (Crisco
  • 2-3 cans Shortening (Crisco
  • 10 lb yellow cooking onions
  • 10 big red onions (softball size)
  • 10 big red onions (softball size)
  • 6 lb ground chuck
  • 6 lb ground chuck
  • 15 lb redskin potatoes
  • 15 lb redskin potatoes
  • 15 lb redskin potatoes
  • 3 bags of lentils (1 lb bags)
  • 6 rutabagas (softball size)
  • 6 rutabagas (softball size)
  • 6 rutabagas (softball size)
  • Sesame Seed oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper

Please have all ingredients to the Fellowship kitchen by Sunday, November 5th with the exception of the ground beef and pork.  The ground meat (FRESH – NOT FROZEN) should be at the Fellowship in the refrigerator by Friday, November 10th.

You can sign up here for your donation, email, or sign up on the sheet at the Fellowship.  Please fill in the date when you deliver items to the kitchen or email

Finally, we will be having a Pasty Fundraiser in November!  Click here to place your order or sign up at the Fellowship for a Traditional (beef and pork mix) or a Vegetarian (lentils with olive and sesame seed oil) Pasty, or both!  Cost:  $5 each