Children’s Circle

Children’s Circle serves our elementary-aged students, and occasionally preschool-aged students who are ready for a classroom.  This is a multi-age program using a modified Spirit Play structure, popular stories, and activities.  Each session is led by three volunteers:  a Storyteller, a Doorkeeper, and a “Hogwarts Wizard”- AKA Activity Leader.

Sample Day

10:30 Children begin in the Service
10:45 Children go to Circle, which begins with Chalice Lighting
10:50 Circle story
11:05 Feast (snack)
11:15 Activity Choice:  Hogwarts Activity or Free Play
11:35 Sharing Time
11:45 Extinguishing the Chalice

February 2018

This month the religious education program is exploring the fourth source which calls us to live by the Golden Rule and love one another.

February 4 – Love is the Golden Rule This is a story of a girl named Maya who feels that there are too many rules.  She seeks to find one rule that could replace all rules, and in the process she discovers the Golden Rule.

February 11 (Multi-generational Service – no Religious Education Classes; Nursery Care will be available)

February 18 – The Eight Beatitudes – This story has been adapted from the Tapestry of Faith “Love Surrounds Us” curriculum lesson about the Eight Beatitudes taught by Jesus.  You can check out the original lesson at

February 24 – The Greatest of these is Love  This lesson is based around a well-known 1st Corinthians verse about faith, hope, and love, which asserts that love is the greatest of the three.

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