Upcoming Sunday Services

May 20
“Called to Community”
As we close our 2017-2018 Religious Education program, we will celebrate the wonderful fun had this year by participants, volunteers, children, and adults exploring Six Sources of wisdom and inspiration valued by Unitarian Universalists. Everyone will be invited to join together in honoring all the things in life we draw on for support, inspiration, and strength.  We’ll celebrate a Seventh Source:  Our UU religious community.   Led by Heather Cleland-Host, Director of Religious Education.

May 27
“Remembering ” How and what (and why) do we remember as we make sense of our own lives and the lives of those who have gone before?  Rev.  Connie Grant speaking.

June 3
“Flower Celebration” How is this congregation like a bouquet of flowers? Bring a flower (or a few) from your garden (or flower shop) and take a different flower home. We’ll celebrate the traditional Unitarian flower communion and recognize the many volunteers who help this congregation flourish. This is a multigenerational service.  Led by Rev. Connie Grant and the Engagement Team.

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